Suvera House, B9/2B, IDA, Patancheru, Hyderabad


Research and Development is a constantly evolving process in every industry, but at Suvera it’s an important facet of business and we call it innovation. In fact we propose innovative solutions to automate industrial processes to ease and simplify various tasks.

Very early in our journey, we designed from scratch Automatic Baling Machine for some of our clients who dealt in cotton processing. This machine is being used for baling raw or waste cotton with a capacity of 30-35 bales per hour.

We also designed, manufactured and supplied completely automated Tobacco Machines which include Tobacco crushers, driers, conditioning and processing machines.

Our Aluminium Extrusion presses are also manufactured with complete design and manufacturing done in-house, and are used for all types of sections, round, hex, square, flat, hollow pipes of aluminium. The patterns and alignments can be easily made as per the requirements of the clients.

We have also designed for our clients, machines like Wax Presses, Spiral Duct Machines, Oval Ducting machines and even Hydraulic Presses for making ornamental Iron shapes.

We’ve also designed and manufactured Hydraulic Cylinders of 15 meters length and have supplied them all over India.