Suvera House, B9/2B, IDA, Patancheru, Hyderabad

Suvera has a strong Design Team with a combined experience of over 60 years, working on the latest design software's for a strong starting point and error-free solutions for difficult engineering problems for our clients. No challenge is too small for our team.

We also have two modern manufacturing units with a total area of 25,000 sft of Factory area equipped with many cranes - One heavy duty Crane of 25 tons capacity, one crane of 10 tons capacity and 3 cranes of 5 tons capacity. A 5,000 sft modern Office area is also located in the premises. We have a clean room facility for assembly and testing.

Suvera has CNC Lathe and CNC Honing machines, Surface grinding machines, conventional 10 meter and 3 meter Honing machines, Lathe machines, Welding machines, Radial drilling machines, EOT Cranes, CNC Milling machines, a modern hydraulic test bench running Scada software that can test pressures of up to 500 bar, and also three dedicated engineering teams for installation, service and training.

We use only the best of men and materials, in fact all our seals are sourced from reputed manufacturers like Hunger, Liebherr or equivalent high quality suppliers, based on availability.

CNC Honing Machine
Surface Grinding Machine
conventional 10 meter and 3 meter Honing machine

Lathe machine
Welding machine
Radial drilling machine

EOT Crane
 CNC Milling machine
cotton bailing

v-belt Sleeve Cutting Machine
Weilding Machines
Hydraulic Wheel

Friction Weilding Machine
Hydraulic Equipment
Sleeve Cutting Machine